remember one password
and generate others

Access to your passwords anywhere and anytime without saving anything

Why Hrypton?


Open source and
100% free


How it works

What if you have a algorithm that can generate password with your inputs? so you don't need to save passwords because you can generate them later with same inputs


Algorithm is a hash based on SHA-256 but 50,000 time slower so its very hard to crack even for super computers then knowing that krypton(green crystal) is supermans weakness Hrypton can be super computers weakness. 🙂

Hash +


1. Never forgot your master password because its only way to access your passwords.

2. Enter your master password correctly because app can't check if its correct or not


1. Shoud I trust hrypton?🤔
the android app have no permission then there is no way to get your data out of app and about web app and extentaion you can read codes and make sure it not spying on you

2. What if i want to change one of my websites password?🤔
there is a field called "how many time changed" you can increase number (default is 0) and set new password for your account